Hopeful to Hired: The Secrets to Launching Your Career After College

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Who Should Read This Book

"Hopeful to Hired" was written to help the undergraduate college student prepare to be an A-List job seeker upon graduation.  

"Many students see graduation date approaching, yet haven't started the legwork required to be successful finding a good job in their field of study.  The students I've mentored go to fantastic schools with excellent reputations and programs. Colleges and universities provide students with the educational background necessary to do well in their careers. However, students find themselves lacking the well-established networks, the digital presence, soft skills and context needed to stand out from the competition." - Adam Dince

A Sample Of Things You'll Learn

"Hopeful to Hired" will guide you through three pillars of preparing yourself to be hired, while still in college:

Mature Your Soft-Skills
Soft-skills can make or break your chances of being hired. "Hopeful to Hired" provides instruction on how to optimize your soft-skills and use them to your advantage.
Network With A Purpose
An established professional network is key to landing your first job after college. "Hopeful to Hired" provides you with expert advice on how to improve your networking skills.
Build An Online Presence
Is there more to you than what appears on your resume? Learn how to build an online presence that will provide hiring managers a much better idea of who you are.
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About The Author

Adam Dince

Adam Dince is an author, adjunct marketing professor, digital marketing professional, sought-after speaker and proud Veteran of the United States Navy. Additionally, Adam is a regular speaker at AdFed's annual Student Ad Summit (SAS). This event is an all-day networking event for students and young professionals interested in the Advertising industry. Finally, every year, Adam mentors between six and twelve undergraduate college students. Adam has a perfect record of helping college students transition from college into the professional world. Hopeful To Hired, is Adam in a book.

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